True Slimness - How to lose excess weight for good. Eating when full suppresses feelings. Eating when full causes excess weight. Therefore, losing excess weight for good is all about dealing with feelings. This book shows you how to stop when full and deal with those feelings that can drive you to the fridge when full. True Slimness contains 40 little-known, weight loss principles, drawn from Sofia's own recovery from five years compulsive eating and two years bulimia. This heart-felt, real recovery from a debilitating eating disorder lead to over ten years experience working with compulsive eaters in support groups and one to one. Sofia currently lives in Wales.

Pages: 130
Dimensions: 16 x 24 cm

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Simply Full - a pocket sized guide to weight loss, ideal for busy, day-to-day living. Permanent weight loss is attained through being simply full both physically and emotionally.  Whether you feel stuck with your excess weight or confident in shedding those extra pounds, Simply Full, shows you how to make that transition from your overweight-self to your slim-self, a journey that allows you to address the unresolved issues behind the cravings to eat when full. Fill your life up from within, and you shed the excess weight without, for good.

Pages: 76
Dimensions: 11 x 18 cm

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Weight Loss for Blokes - Just as an alcoholic has to dig deep to give up drink, and a drug addict must recognise and treat his wounds, the man who wants to lose weight is also on this journey into the willingness to explore his own life and risk change. Weight Loss for Blokes is Sofia's third book on natural permanent weight loss. Embarking on the extraordinary journey to your slim-bloke self, Sofia leads you into your own enhanced life of health, that comes from stopping when full.

Pages: 39
Dimensions: 15 x 21cm

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