Recovered compulsive eater Sofia Bothwell states that in order to lose excess weight for good we must fill up our lives with what we truly desire, as we resolve emotional issues and re-learn how to eat when genuinely physically hungry and stop when genuinely physically full. This makes losing weight a lasting affair. Her work helps you recognise your hunger and fullness sensations as well as giving you tools that will enable the resolving of whatever emotional issues are driving you to the fridge when full.

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Healing the Eating Habit THREE PART Weight Loss Course

£19 GBP

Consisting of: Three 15 minute audios (.mp3 files) and three 6 page PDFs by Sofia Bothwell.

PART 1 Eating when hungry and stopping when full
PART 2 Resolving the emotional issues that can cause eating when full
PART 3 Raising self-acceptance

Learn this inspirational and informative method that enabled me to heal from five years of compulsive eating and bulimia to be naturally slim for over twenty years. Holistic, non-diet, emotional based and addiction-busting, covering how to heal comfort eating and be your naturally slim-self.

Total Download Size: 53 MB
Download Format: .zip file (containing .pdf and .mp3 files)



Phone/Skype Sessions

45-minute Phone/Skype Sessions £25 GBP

In a phone or Skype session you will learn how to shift and change your own patterns of eating to those of a slim person. You will learn how to stop when full as well as pinpointing and resolving the emotional issues that can cause eating when full. You will learn how to lose excess weight for good.  

To book a session, click the "Buy Now" button below and contact sofia@trueslimness.co.uk or phone 07530 531655 to arrange a time.